Oldtime Records Traditional Irish Recordings from the 1920's and 1930's

If There Weren't
Any Women In The World

Recordings of Irish Traditional Music by Women 1923 - 1942

Twenty-four tracks from 1923 to 1942 and a thirty-six page booklet
featuring the pioneering women who recorded traditional
Irish music in the Golden Age of 78rpm recordings: Margaret and Mary McNiff-Locke, Sarah Hobbs, Selena O'Neill, Redie Johnston, Nan Fitzpatrick, Edith Cross Moore, Ann McNulty, Stella Seaver, Aggie Whyte and many more...


(Cover illustration by R. Crumb)

The Genius of Peter 1Conlon

78 RPM recordings from 1917 - 1929

The remarkable Peter Conlon was the foremost player of traditional Irish music on the melodeon during the golden age of 78 rpm recording.

"This new double CD is an important milestone in the history of Irish accordion playing. It showcases one of the truly great accordion artists from the Irish tradition. I salute Oldtime Records and their team of Conlon aficionados, Alan Morrisroe and Charlie Harris, who have worked long and hard in bringing these wonderful CDs to reality. Their efforts in reintroducing us to Conlon will provide many hours of listening pleasure and will hopefully provide plenty of influence and inspiration for future generations of accordion players." – Paul Brock 2012


(Cover illustration by R. Crumb)


CD Volume 1
CD Volume 2
CD Volume 3
Peter Conlon double CD
If there weren'y any women in the world CD

Irish Music from the Golden Age

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