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from the 1920’s and 1930’s

Rediscoved gems from a bygone era...

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Rare and Wonderful Recordings 1922 - 1949

Twenty-two tracks and a forty page booklet presenting un-reissued recordings from 1922-1949: Mary and Margaret McNiff-Locke, James Morrison, The Lough Gill Quartette, Packie Dolan, The Flanagan Brothers and many more...

Sample Tracks

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  1. Joe Flanagan - "Sunshine; Off To California"
  2. Lough Gill Quartette - "Newport Lass; Leitrim Jig"
  3. Mrs. and Miss McNiff-Locke - "Fallon's Delight"
  4. Gray Brothers - "The Caven (sic) Fancy; The Irish Favorite"
  5. Frank Quinn - "The Fair Of Mullingar"
  6. Packie Dolan And His Boys - "The Ships Are Sailing"
  7. Flanagan Brothers - "The Garden Of Daisies"
  8. Wm. N. Andrews - "Bonaparte’s Retreat"
  9. Paddy Sweeney and Billy McElligott - "Fitzpatrick's Favorite"
  10. Frank Quinn - "Love, Will You Marry Me"
  11. Eddie Meehan's Rosaleen Orchestra - "The Scotsman Over The Border"
  12. Frank Lee's Tara Ceilidhe Band - "A Friendly Visit; The Sweeps; Slievnamon"
  13. James Morrison - "Medley Of Irish Jigs"
  14. Bart Henry's Traditional Quartet Orch. - "Mountain Top & Bonfire Reels"
  15. Mrs. and Miss McNiff-Locke - "Killmore Fancy"
  16. Flanagan Brothers - "The Little Black Mustache"
  17. Leo Rowsome - "The Broken Pledge; Miss Thornton's Reel"
  18. Paddy Killoran's "Pride Of Erin" Orch. - "Sweep's Heirloom"
  19. Lough Gill Quartette - "Jenny’s Wedding; Toss The Feathers"
  20. Wm. Quinn And His Dublin Orchestra - "The Disappointed Couple"
  21. Cashin, Cawley and Ford - "Bashful Bachelor; Sunshine"
  22. Tulla Ceidhle Band (1949 acetate) - "Cooley’s Reels; The Ships Are Sailing"