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from the 1920’s and 1930’s

Rediscoved gems from a bygone era...

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The Fiddler's Delight

Recordings of Irish Traditional Irish Fiddle Playing 1921 - 1945

Twenty-four tracks and a thirty-six page booklet presenting un-reissued recordings of great traditional Irish fiddle playing from 1921-1945: Paddy Sweeney, Hugh Gillespie, James Morrison, Frank Quinn, Michael Coleman, Paddy Killoran and many more...

Sample Tracks

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  1. Danny O’Donnell - "Irish Barn Dance"
  2. John McCormick - "Reidy Johnson Reels"
  3. The Comerford Trio - "The Rocky Road to Dublin; Judy Branagan - Slip Jigs"
  4. Hugh Gillespie - "McCormick’s Hornpipe"
  5. Paddy Sweeney - "Concert Reel; Custom Jap [sic]"
  6. Michael Hanafin - "Jockey Thro The Fair"
  7. James Morrison - "Medley of Irish Reels"
  8. Martin Mullin - "Johnny Knocked Over His Uncle"
  9. Frank Quinn - "The Temple House Reel"
  10. Patrick Gaffny - "Medley of Jigs"
  11. Jim Clark - "Dowds Favourite"
  12. Paddy Killoran - "Memories of Ballymote; Gurteen Cross"
  13. Louis E. Quinn and his Shamrock Minstrels - Selection of Reels
  14. Manus P. McLaughlin - "The Fair Hills of Donegal; Little Peggy’s Jig"
  15. Michael Coleman - "Trim the Velvet"
  16. Jim Clark - "The Old Thatched House"
  17. Patrick J. Cawley - "The Traveller"
  18. Cashin, Cawley and Forde - ‘Silver Tip; The Frog in the Well’
  19. Michael Coleman - "Harvest Home"
  20. Paddy Sweeney - "Rogers Jig; Village Jig"
  21. Frank O’Higgins - "The Beauty Spot; Colonel Fraser; Drowsey Maggie"
  22. Frank Quinn and Joe Maguire - "Cadden’s Fancy"
  23. Hugh Gillespie - "The Stage, The Rights of Man"
  24. Paddy Killoran - "Paddy on the Turnpike; Colliers"